Advanced .NET

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Advanced .Net – Course Contents

Pre-requisite : Should have gone through Essential .Net course


  • ABCs of WCF
  • Creating a WCF Service (ServiceContract, OperationsContract, DataContract, ServiceBehaviour and EndpointBehavior)
  • Bindings in WCF
  • Hosting a Service (Hosting options and selecting proper host)
  • Consuming a WCF Service by creating a proxy
  • Exposing a service with multiple endpoints
  • Consuming a WCF Service using ChannelFactory
  • Operation Types in WCF (Oneway, twoway)
  • Calling WCF methods from consumer asynchronously
  • Instances of the WCF Service
  • Sessions in WCF
  • Concurrency management in WCF Service
  • Creating RESTful WCF Services
  • Consuming a RESTful service
  • Security overview of WCF
      • Authentication / Authorization
      • Transport and Message level security
      • Implementing security for Intranet and Internet environment
  • Transactions in WCF
  • MessageQueue services in WCF
  • Message Contracts in WCF – Streaming data example
  • Parameter Inspectors and Message Inspectors

ASP .Net MVC Package

  • LINQ
      • Understanding Anonymous Methods
      • Using Method syntax for LINQ operation
      • LINQ to Objects
      • Linq to DataTable
      • Linq to XML
  • Entity Framework Model
      • Understanding Entity Framework Model
      • Creating Entity Framework Data Model
      • Working with Entity Model using LINQ (Object Services)
        • Projection of the data (Selection)
        • Filtering, Ordering and Grouping Data
        • Working with related Data
        • Updating data
      • Lazy loading, Eager Loading and Explicit Loading of data and using correct option
      • Handling Concurrency issues in Entity Framework
      • Custom Mapping of Conceptual Model with Physical Model
      • Code First Example


  • Understanding MVC model
  • ASP .Net implementation of MVC model
  • Writing an ASP .Net MVC application
      • Creating Controllers from Model
      • Creating Views from Controller Actions
      • Editing Views.
      • Understanding working with Data provided to View
  • Doing Validations in an MVC application
  • Doing Custom Server side and Client side validations
  • Creating Partial Views
  • Creating Forms
      • Standard forms doing full postback
      • Ajax forms with partial refresh of the page
  • Understanding use of ViewData, TempData and ViewBag
  • Writing Custom Helpers
  • Using patterns like repository and dependency injection in Controller
  • Asynchronous Controllers
  • Web API Example