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Android Programming – Course Contents (48 Hours Approx)

Pre-requisite : Core Java


About Android

  • Android history and versions
  • Android Architecture
  • Android Studio Basics
      • System Requirements
      • Downloading and Installing Android Studio
      • Keeping it Up-to-Date


Test Drive Android

  • Confirm your installation works
  • Creating New Hello World Project
  • Creating AVD
  • Running a program on AVD
  • Running a program on actual Android device


Android Application Ingredients

  • Traditional Desktop Application Compared to Android
  • Activities, Intents and Tasks
  • Services, Content Providers, Broadcast Receivers
  • Static Application Resources
  • Context
  • Manifest file
  • The activity Life Cycle
  • Packaging Android Application: The .apk file


Android User interface

  • Overview of GUI
  • Building View
      • Layouts
      • UI Components
      • Styles
  • Understanding Activity
      • Layout for Activity
        • Accessing Layout UI elements in code
        • Dynamically adding UI elements in layout
      • Launching another Activity
        • Passing data to launched activity
        • Accessing results returns by the launched activity
      • Activity lifecycle
      • The Menu
      • Fragments
        • Creating a Fragment
        • Fragment lifecycle
        • The Compatibility Package


List UI Components and Adapters

  • Fundamentals of working with any List type UI component
      • ListView
      • AutoCompleteTextView
      • Spinner
  • Showing static data in a List
  • Using adapter to generate the List


Handling and Persisting Data

  • Relation Database Overview
  • SQLite Database
  • SQL Language
  • Android Database classes
  • Storing and Retrieving Data


Content Providers

  • Understanding Content Provider
  • Implementing Content Provider
  • Defining Provider Public API
  • File Management
  • Declaring Content Provider


Location and Maps

  • Location Based Services
  • Working with Google Maps
  • MapView and MapActivity


Using other apps on the device

  • Accessing Contacts
  • Sending and Receiving data using SMS
  • Sending Emails
  • Using Camera for Pics
  • Using Camera for Videos


Network, Wi-Fi

  • Managing Networks and Internet Connectivity
  • Working with Wi-Fi


Services, Broadcast Receivers and Intent Filters

  • Overview
  • Implementing Services
  • Service Lifecycle
  • Inter Process Communication
  • Overview of Broadcast Receivers
  • Implementing Broadcast Recievers
  • System Broadcast and how to use
  • Role of Filters
  • Intent-Matching Rules
  • Filters in Manifest
  • Filters in Broadcast Receivers


Pushing and Pulling data from and to the server from device

  • Sending Http requests to a server
  • Handling Json data