Essential .NET

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Essential .Net ++ using Visual Studio 2015 – Course Content

(Duration 225 hours with Projects) Effective June 1st 2016


  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • WHY .NET?
  • Namespaces in .Net
  • Variables and their scope
  • Value Types and Reference Types
  • Structs vs Classes
  • Boxing / Unboxing
  • Enums
  • Class Members and Instance Members
  • Properties in .Net
  • Static Fields, Properties, Methods, Constructors and Classes
  • Readonly and Constant Fields
  • Operators
  • OOPs Concepts applied in C#
  • Interfaces
  • Delegates and Events
  • var and dynamic types
  • Anonymous delegates and Lambda operator
  • Collections and Generics
  • Exception Handling
  • Serialization
  • Threading
  • File I/O
  • .Net Assemblies
      • Creating an Assembly
      • Using a private Assembly
      • Creating and using a shared Assembly through Global Assembly Cache
      • Working with Reflection API

(Several assignments on basic logic building, OOPS concepts and IO)



  • Introduction
  • Writing a Basic SQL Statement
  • Restricting and Sorting Data
  • Single Row Functions
  • Displaying Data from Multiple Tables
  • Writing Joins
  • Using Group Functions
  • Writing Sub queries
  • Modifying Data
  • Creating and Managing Tables
  • Including Constraints
  • Creating View
  • Indexes
  • Stored Procedures
  • User defined Functions
  • Triggers

(Assignments on writing stored procedures, write nested queries (sub queries) etc)



  • Introduction to Databases
      • Creating Databases, Tables Using Enterprise Edition of SQL Server 2005
      • Understanding SQL Queries using Visual Studio


  • Introduction to ADO .Net
      • Working in Connected Architecture
        • Select, Insert, Update Queries
        • Creating Stored Procedures (with various examples)
        • Executing Stored Procedures using ADO .Net
        • Transactions
      • Working with Disconnected Architecture
        • Dataset, DataAdapter
        • Creating Tables dynamically
        • Using Relations within Dataset



  • Anonymous delegates
  • Lambda Operator
  • Writing queries using Method Syntax
  • Deferred execution
  • Writing queries using Query syntax


Entity Framework

  • Basics of an ORM
  • Database First and Code First approach

(Assignments on ADO .Net and LINQ)


Web UI Development

  • Html5
  • Css3
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap

(Several assignments on UI Development)



  • All about ASP .Net
      • Introduction
      • Working with ASP .Net Solutions in Visual Studio
      • Designing Forms and doing Validations
      • Persisting data using ADO .Net
      • Designing with Master Pages
      • Concept of Get and Post Back Requests
      • Data Controls – Mainly Gridview Control
          • Designing the control by selecting appropriate Column types
          • Using Datasource and DatasourceId for binding data to the control
          • Providing paging in the Gridview
          • Allowing Sort on different columns
          • Showing Filtered data in the Gridview
          • Editing the data in GridView (In place editing)
          • Purpose of Template Fields
          • Doing Validations and rendering data appropriately using Template Fields
          • Using Hyperlink Fields to pass data in QueryString to navigated page
          • Using Command Fields and Button Fields
          • Using Image Fields to display images
          • Using SqlDataSource Control for auto generating the above operations
          • Maintaining multiple selections on different pages of GridView using ViewState
          • Custom Paging using DataList Control
          • Cross Page Data Transfer
      • Understanding Cookies
      • Session State management via Session Object
      • Application state management via Application Object
      • Authentication and Authorization
      • Understanding request life cycle of ASP .Net
      • Handling non-page events via Global asx file
      • Web Services with .Net
          • Creating a Web Service
          • Understanding WSDL
          • Consuming a web service by Web reference to a service
      • ASP .Net AJAX
          • Update Panel
          • UpdateProgress
          • Timer
          • Using AJAX Extension kit AutoCompleteExtender, ModalPopupExtender

(Shopping Cart Project in ASP .Net Web Forms)



  • Understanding MVC model
  • ASP .Net implementation of MVC model
  • Writing an ASP .Net MVC application
      • Creating Models
      • Creating Controllers
      • Creating Views for Controller Actions
  • Using JQuery with MVC
  • Doing Validations in MVC
  • Form handling and ajax in MVC
  • Using Entity Framework as a Model
  • Authentication and Authorization in MVC

(Project in ASP .Net Mvc)