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jQuery Course Contents

(Project based training – Duration 30 hours)

Pre-requisite for this course: Knowledge of Html and CSS

Introduction to Javascript (for students new to Javascript)

  • Variables and functions
  • Events of Html elements
  • Accessing Html document
  • Getting and setting attributes

Introduction to JQuery

  • What is JQuery?
  • Versions of JQuery
  •  JQuery core and UI libraries
  •  JQuery themes, UI CSS

Accessing Html Elements

  • by id, class, attributes, etc, (single element)
  • accessing by element, class, etc. (multiple elements)


  • Changing css styles (i.e. height, width, font, color, background, etc) for single & multiple elements.
  • Applying effects: hide/show, toggle, slide up/down, fade in/out, etc.
  • Adding & removing css classes

 Manipulating Html Element Contents

  • Getting values: val(), text(), html(), innerHTML, attr(), etc.
  • Setting values: val(), text(), html(), innerHTML, attr(), etc.

Data Types, Conversion, Constructs & Traversing

  • Understanding script objects, types, conversions & constructs as such:
    var, parse, array, list, each, if, for, while, find, case, etc.
  • Traversing: first, last, odd, even, closest, farthest, parent, child, siblings, etc.
  • Working with table.


  • Working with events such as:
    onclick, ondbclick, onchange, onblur, focus, onmouseover, onmouseout, etc.

Dynamic Html Elements

  • Creating single/multiple dynamic html elements
  • Creating dynamic html elements with id, attr, class & styles applied.
  • Removing dynamically created elements
  • Bind events to dynamically created elements.

 Ajax With Jquery

  • Working with http requests using ajax calls to server such as:
    Get, Post, Put, Delete, Custom Methods (i.e. DeleteAll, Search, etc.)
  • Working with Json
  • Working with Xml

Working With Jquery Plugins
Using Widgets

  • datepicker
  • dialog
  • autocomplete

Create Your Own Plugin

  • helloworld.js
  • myvalidate.js

Using 3rd Party Plugin

  • jqGrid
  • fancybox/slider

Project: Online Payment System
Front End: Html, Jquery, Ajax and any Server Side Technology (.NET / PHP).
Back End: Sql Server (if using .NET) and MySql (if using PHP).